Yggdrasil Services offers Web Design, SEO (search engine optimisation), and Content Creation for your website.

Why Web Design is important for your business

A well-designed website will first give a good impression to your customers. It is important that a website is responsive, this means that it must be optimised for all devices with different operative systems and screen sizes. A website should be available for a wide range of people, regardless of age, gender, or disability status (Universal Design).

With a website designed for usability – where a customer can immediately understand its purpose and navigation – responsiveness and Universal Design will result in a greater user experience. In fact, they will help to increase the traffic of your website.

It is essential for a business to have a well-designed website in the long run.

Our team of developers will customise your website in every detail, from the layout to the colour, with the help of the programming languages. Nowadays everyone is able to build his own website with the help of different CMS like WordPress, WIX, and so on. The choice to give your website in the hands of a professional developer has a great impact not only on its aspect, which will result original and personalised, but also on the searching, becoming a trustable source for the search engines.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

It is equally – if not more – important that your website is optimised for the search.

We will help your website increase in traffic by optimising your content for visibility and by identifying the best keyword and phrases for the web search. This will multiply the quantity and quality of your website traffic.

After the optimization, we will help you to keep your visibility and to increase your traffic. 

Content Creation

Last but not least, we will provide entertaining and educational content for your website, relevant for your business.

Relevant and interesting content will keep your customers entertained and eager to revisit your website in the future.

Your content is relevant also for your website’s search optimisation :  if it’s great, your customers will revisit your website and increase your traffic.